The Only Thing that Stays the Same…

… is change.

This is what my mom always said. Or was it Heraclitus? Whether it was wisdom spun from a California stock administrator, or a Greek philosopher, I think we can all agree with the sentiment. Just look at the past few blog posts. People moving on, ready to start something new.

This was certainly the case for my fiancé Cody and I when we got into the third year of the pandemic in Chicago, picked up our cats, and headed for Bluff Country. Something about these past few years shifted the air (literally) as we put on masks and realized we needed a fresh breath of it. For a lot of my friends, that meant leaving the big city and going to the country, or vice versa. 

Merry and Duke Orsino

So here we are. Hi! I’m Laurie Roberts and that’s Cody Beyer. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area and he’s from Nashville. We met in a production of Macbeth that rehearsed over the span of a year, a part of Shakespeare 400 Chicago, a year-long festival celebrating the bard’s work four centuries after his death in 1616. We lived to tell the tale, adopted a kitten (Meriadoc Brandybuck,) fell in love in a bathtub on stage, got engaged, and now we both have matching Minnesota drivers’ licenses. So cute! And so much change. 

Thank you all for your generous and warm welcomes, we are thrilled to be here and we’ll see you at the theater!

Stories of the Body: Lina by Andras Visky, photos by Devron Enarson
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  1. Welcome to the land of Commonweal! My wife Connie and I have been cheering on the theatre since back in 89 or so. By the way–I lived in St Charles, IL and graduated from U of Illinois

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