Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Commonweal open?

The Commonweal is open for administrative business, with the majority of our staff telecommuting.

2. When will the Commonweal resume shows?

With hope and optimism we have announced a full 5-show season for 2021. CLICK HERE for all the details.

3. What measures is the Commonweal taking to ensure patron safety?

Like all arts and entertainment venues, the Commonweal has developed appropriate safety protocols which will be detailed on our website and communicated to all patrons prior to opening our doors to the public.

4. Is the staff still working? How are you being paid if there aren’t shows?

Generous donations from patrons and friends help offset the reduction of earned income. Additionally we are fortunate to have ended the 2019 season in a solid financial position, and as a small business with a full-time staff of fifteen, we qualify for the Payroll Protection Plan and have received support from the Small Business Administration. Still, there is a lot of uncertainty ahead. Your donation today helps ensure that we will be here tomorrow.

5. What are the benefits of donating to the Commonweal?

Donating to the Commonweal is one of the best ways to ensure we can endure this challenging time. Ticket sales comprise roughly half of the Commonweal’s income, the loss of which is unprecedented. However, this is a hurdle we can overcome with your support. All gifts in any amount will help! Plus…the new CARES Act allows for additional tax breaks for COVID-19 related donations. CLICK HERE for details.

6. How can I help?