2023 Season Content Advisories

To help you prepare to see shows at the Commonweal, we are providing this page of detailed content that may be upsetting to some viewers.

Please note that the treatment of sensitive content can change during rehearsals. We will update these content advisories to reflect these changes throughout the season, so please check back on this page before you arrive to see the production.

If you have questions or concerns not addressed on this page, please contact our Box Office tickets@commonwealtheatre.org or (800) 657-7025.

SPOILER ALERT! These content warnings contain details that may give away key plot points in the play.



Staged Physical Violence: strangling, bludgeoning, stabbing, implied shooting

Sensory Content: characters hold and aim guns and at each other (and other weapons); gunshot sound effects; storm scene with thunder and flashing lights

Profanity/Swearing: mild swearing

Women in Jeopardy! 


References to: sexual anatomy and activity; abduction of young women (not depicted on stage); body image/eating disorders; cancer 

Also: Alcohol use and occasional strong language

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde


Staged Violence: bludgeoning, strangling, stabbing

References to: rape; threat of sexual violence; graphic descriptions of mutilation and murder

Substance Use/Abuse: alcohol use

Sensory Content: details to come

She Loves Me

Coming Soon