Leading Ladies 

A sparkling screwball comedy!
by Ken Ludwig

May 14 – Aug 27

In this sparkling screwball comedy, two actors are so down on their luck they’re stuck performing Shakespeare on the Moose Lodge circuit in Amish country. Upon learning that a local millionaire may not be long for this world, they hatch a plot: they’ll masquerade as her long-lost relatives, make off with the fortune, and solve all their problems with her cash. But things go topsy-turvy when the actors fall in love with a rollerskating waitress and a theatre-loving heiress. It’s a delightful romp full of hijinks, high heels, and heart that you won’t want to miss!

Suitability Suggestion

Leading Ladies contains mild language and suggestive dialogue/innuendo. With nods to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Some Like It Hot, this romantic comedy is full of amorous antics and elaborate plotting—making it best suited for mature middle schoolers and older.

Pay What You Can

The Commonweal Theatre strives to make theatre accessible to all. To take advantage of our Pay What You Can performance for Leading Ladies, Thursday May 26, please contact our box office at (800) 657-7025. 


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