It’s Not Goodbye

It’s Not Goodbye!

Longtime company members Brandt Roberts and Elizabeth Dunn will be moving to the Twin Cities in July. In their own words they each reflect on their time here:

Elizabeth Dunn:

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. You can’t say goodbye to a place like this. As one of the most beautiful towns in bluff country, Lanesboro has a premier professional theatre company, a rails-to-trails track offering over 60 miles of biking, an arts center that supports both emerging and established artists, with the scenic Root River winding through the driftless region, and . . . . So. Much. More. When I came to the Commonweal in 2015, I was simply hoping for a place to be stationary for a while. (The life of an actor can be nomadic.) I never dreamt that not only would I meet my fiancé, Brandt, but that I would enter such a loving, creative, and supportive community. The experiences I’ve had at the Commonweal are immeasurable, and the people I’ve met will hopefully be friends for life. Yeah, you don’t leave a place like this, you carry it with you. So, “see you later.”

Abbie Cathcart, Brandt, and Elizabeth in "Charley's Aunt."
Brandt Roberts: 

Similar to Elizabeth, I’ve started saying “auf wiedersehen” instead of “goodbye.” It feels less final…and more German. The Commonweal and Lanesboro have been my home for eight years. When I first saw Karl Unnasch’s art installation throughout the theatre lobby, I knew I belonged. I am beyond blessed to have lived and worked with such an incredible company and community. You are my extended family. There are too many memories to recount and people to thank. My emotions are mixed: excitement for what lies ahead and sorrow for what I leave behind. When I came here, I longed for an artistic home, and I found one. Until we meet again. Much love to you all.  

Below are photos from some of the wonderful shows they’ve been in together:

You don’t leave a place like this, you carry it with you.”

 —Elizabeth Dunn