Some Of Our Favorite Things About Fall

Okay, I am ready to admit it as I begrudgingly pull out my sweaters and scarves. Summer 2018 (boy, do I love summer) has officially passed as the crisp, frosty mornings are upon us. More than any of the other three seasons, fall brings to mind things to do in the great outdoors and/or indoors. Mainly because one can still spend a decent amount of time outside without the threat of frostbite. And so, I give you a quick list of fall things to do from some of your favorite Commonwealers.

Thomas White (Production Manager): I love fall food. Honeycrisp apples, hot drinks on cold nights. Soup season!

Lauren Schulke (Apprentice Company): Hiking right when the leaves are falling!

Ben Gorman (Actor; Marketing Associate): Read and share autumnal / Halloween / horror / wistful-seasonal stories. By candlelight. Maybe with a fire going.

Josiah Laubenstein (Actor; Marketing Associate): Sit down to a cup of coffee and a slice of pumpkin pie.

Adrienne Sweeney (Actress; External Communications Director): I love to rake all the leaves into a huge pile and then have my dog Lucy run through them.

Hal Cropp (Actor; Executive Director): Take a fall hike through the leaves (but only if the Packers are not on TV).

Rachel Kuhnle (Actress; Administration Director): My favorite thing to do in October is going to haunted houses. I always try to go to Valley Fair in October when sections of the park are turned into haunted houses.

Philip Muehe (Actor; Director; Marketing Associate): Corn mazes and apple orchard adventures!

Brandt Roberts (Actor; Production Associate): Strolling through the woods on a crisp day.

Ian Sutherland (Apprentice Company): Watching horror movies/reading spooky stories/listening to horror podcasts.

Eric Lee (Actor; Marketing Associate): When the weather cools down, I can’t wait to start steeping my Lapsang Souchong! And if you’re not familiar, it’s a smoked black tea, and it’s like drinking a campfire in a cup. So if I’m around, and you think you smell something burning, hopefully, that’s just my tea!

Bailey Otto (Production Stage Manager): My favorite fall activity is listening to spooky podcasts while walking on the trail.

Jeremy van Meter (Actor; Communications Manager; Yours Truly): Finding a space for a solitary walk while listening to college football on the radio, yes, the radio. Go Hawkeyes!

There you have it. Some of the things we enjoy about the time of year we find ourselves in. One of the great things to do in Lanesboro right now is to take in one of the final six performances of Dracula: Prince of Blood.
Our world-premiere production from the desk of our own Scott Dixon must close Sunday, November 11. PURCHASE TICKETS —> November-December Calendar.
Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the theatre—Jeremy. 

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