MDC—The Heart of Our Donor Programs

This level of giving helps ensure a solid financial base for the organization to meet their annual expenses, while planning for the future. We encourage you to join us in supporting the Commonweal Theatre, so that we all can continue to enjoy the wonderful productions we have come to treasure over these many years.” 

Jon & Mary Hart
MDC Members

Keep us strong with a recurring donation!

You can help to sustain the Commonweal for years to come with a long-term financial pledge!

The lifeblood of our donor support is the MDC (formerly known as the Million Dollar Club), our sustaining member program. In actuality, the MDC is not made up of millionaires and you don’t have to be one to join. The MDC is a family of more than 260 households & businesses who have made long-term pledges to support the Commonweal with an annual, recurring donation.

In joining the MDC, you pledge to make an annual household donation of either $500 ($250 for single person households), $750, $1,000, or $2000 for a period of ten-years. Unlike our season pass, the pledge is self-renewing and can easily be paid automatically with a credit or debit card. Other forms of payment include check and bank transfer.

Aside from the benefit of supporting a valuable regional asset, there is a full set of perks associated with MDC membership. The major benefits provided to you include:

  • Unlimited Admission: You are entitled to 2 free admissions (1 for single households) to as many performances as you wish each season.
  • Advanced Seating: You receive advanced seating 10 minutes ahead of general public ticket holders. The doors for MDC seating open at 7:00 p.m. for evening shows and 1:00 p.m. for matinees.
  • Reserved Seating: A donation of $1,000 annually allows you to choose your seats in the auditorium and those seats are reserved in your name for every performance attended.
  • Guest Discounts: Your guests receive $10 off the adult ticket price of $38.
  • “Page to Stage” Events: As we start rehearsals for each show, you will have the chance to witness the first step in taking a script from the page to the stage. During the evening, you’ll hear the director and design team talk about their vision for the story, the cast will read a portion of the script, and on special occasions, playwrights have also been known to join as well!
  • Season Pass Discounts: Purchase season passes any time for the discounted price of $115

For more information about the MDC or to join today, contact Jeremy van Meter: or call (507) 467 2905 x211.

For a list of our current MDC members CLICK HERE

You Are the Commonweal
One of our 2016 MDC cocktail parties